- When Someone Dies -


When a loved one or friend passes away, a rush of emotions will run through you. Whether it was a dear friend or a close family member, it can be traumatic and overwhelming. 

When someone passes away, it is best to contact a funeral director so that the necessary arrangements can be made. Although there is no rush to arrange the funeral immediately, the timing of the funeral is completely up to you and your family. During this time, you can feel assured that your loved one will be cared for with the utmost dignity and respect by our family.


As soon as a doctor has issued the death certificate, contact your funeral director at Brown Family Funerals and we will arrange to transfer the deceased to our funeral home. After a consultation, our funeral director will take care of all arrangements for you. There are certain situations that may make the process slightly different, such as the following:

If the death occurred overseas, contact the funeral director so that all customs or statutory requirements are attended to and transport of the deceased is arranged properly.

If the death is the result of an apparent accident, the coroner also must be informed. If the coroner is involved, the police will arrange transport of the deceased to the coroner and prepares a report for the coroner. The coroner will contact the deceased’s doctor or request an autopsy to establish the cause of death. As soon as the coroner issues a death certificate, your funeral director can organise transport and arrangements for the funeral.

Special memorial services are also available in situations when there is no body or the deceased has willed that his or her body be donated to science. A special memorial service will be arranged by the funeral director using photos and significant objects to remember the deceased.

Dealing with a sudden or unexpected death is hard. Brown Family Funerals are here to take care of everything for you so that you can complete your grieving process and celebrate the lives of the ones you love. Call today to discuss arrangements with our funeral director.
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